Review of Recently Released Features — January 2024 Edition

3 min readJan 7, 2024

This week, we present to you a review of the recently released TRONITY features. As a starting point, we refer to the newsletter from October 2023 titled “Outlook on Future Features — October 2023 Edition”.

Here’s a selection of the implemented topics:

  • Integration of Ford Vehicles
  • Route Planning Based on Vehicle Data
  • Dynamic Charging Rate (Day-Ahead Prices)
  • Documents, Schedules & Fixed Costs in the TRONITY Glovebox

Now follows the summary of the results:

Integration of Ford Vehicles

The integration of Ford vehicles into TRONITY offers new possibilities for monitoring mobility and costs. Ford drivers now benefit from the features of our digital logbook, enabling efficient cost savings. Particularly noteworthy is the inclusion of the Ford E-Transit, which supports the optimization of “Last-Mile Logistics” in fleet operations.

Route Planning Based on Vehicle Data

The basic version of integrated EV route planning is now available in the TRONITY App. This uses real-time and historical vehicle data to efficiently plan and optimize routes. It considers the current state of charge, consumption, and historical data of your vehicle. Future updates will add more features, especially advantageous in the context of fleet management.

Dynamic Charging Rate (Day-Ahead Prices)

TRONITY now supports electricity rates with dynamic, hourly pricing in Sweden, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. Choose the new “Day-Ahead Prices (Integrated)” charging rate in TRONITY and assign it to your charging sessions.

Documents, Schedules & Fixed Costs in the TRONITY Glovebox

The Digital Glovebox in the TRONITY App has been expanded for you! In addition to important vehicle documents, you can now also store appointments such as leasing durations and main inspections. It allows you to manage fixed costs & receipts clearly, which is ideal for individuals, self-employed, and fleet operators. | Learn more about the new TRONITY Fleet solution.




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