Research project RegioWIN 2030

We are happy to inform you that we have joined the project consortium for the research project RegioWIN 2030.

RegioWIN 2030: Real lab for a connected and sustainable urban mobility system

“With the real lab for a connected and sustainable commuter mobility, several objectives shall be achieved: The lighthouse project should create an infrastructure that helps people to switch to a sustainable mobility, identify and test an inter-communal mobility strategy, create awareness of sustainable mobility among commuters, and help to develop mobility offers and technologies that are ready for the market.” Quote translated from German — Stadt Walldorf, Umwelt- und Klimaschutz. Source: Link.

Through TRONITY, we would like to provide commuters a comprehensive overview of their own mobility (individual mobility) and the mobility options available in their region. Based on this, decisions and recommendations about mobility options can be provided. We are happy to join the project consortium and that we can contribute to a sustainable urban mobility system.

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