Outlook on Upcoming Features and Functions — April 2023 Edition

2 min readApr 16, 2023

Today we would like to give you an outlook on some future features and functions we are currently working on. The main focus will be on cost management and the driver’s logbook.

Additionally, we also want to pick up and implement suggestions from the TRONITY Community. At this point, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for your open exchange and continuous feedback!

TRONITY Driver’s Logbook

In recent weeks, we have continuously expanded the TRONITY Driver’s Logbook with numerous new features. In our upcoming release, we want to enrich the logbook with a changelog, which allows a clear display of the changes made. Furthermore, we are planning to integrate mixed trips to be even more flexible in meeting individual requirements.

In parallel, we are working on expanding the TRONITY App to simplify and make the maintenance and management of the digital driver’s logbook more user-friendly. Look forward to an improved user experience and even more possibilities for efficient logbook management.

TRONITY Cost Management

In addition to charging costs, ongoing costs related to the vehicle can already be stored in TRONITY. We would like to expand this area so that cost-relevant documents, such as workshop invoices, can also be stored. Moreover, the costs should be easier to record and access in the TRONITY App in the future.

Selection of topics from the TRONITY Community:

  • Easy editing & deleting of trip costs | Link
  • Automatic merging of trips | Link
  • Further integration with home automation | Link
  • Integration of dynamic charging prices of the Nordpool Group | Link

We plan to gradually release some of these features in the coming weeks. In parallel, as usual, there will be continuous improvement and expansion of existing features. Our goal is to further optimize and simplify the use of TRONITY for you.

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