“Offline Vehicle” — Manage vehicles without an active data connection

2 min readMay 7


We are excited to introduce the brand new TRONITY modus “Offline Vehicle” to you today. With this modus, you can manage vehicles that do not support an active data connection while still taking advantage of all the essential TRONITY features.

Add vehicles without an active data connection to TRONITY

If your vehicle does not yet have an active data connection (Connected Services) or if you prefer to manage your mobility data manually in TRONITY, you can now add an “Offline Vehicle.”

With this feature, TRONITY expands the range of available vehicles and allows you to maintain a comprehensive overview of your entire mobility. Adding and managing “Offline Vehicles” is free. Moreover, it is possible to switch from an “Offline Vehicle” to a vehicle with active communication at any time.

Utilize TRONITY features for Offline Vehicles

The proven TRONITY focus areas are also available for offline vehicles:

  • Digital Driver’s Logbook: Record and manage all your vehicle trips in a clear and straightforward way.
  • Cost and Document Management: Keep track of ongoing costs and essential documents, such as invoices or contracts.
  • Vehicle Insights & Benchmark: Compare your vehicle with other models and gain valuable insights into your vehicle’s performance and efficiency.

Discover the new TRONITY “Offline Vehicle” modus now and experience even more flexibility in managing your mobility with TRONITY!

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