New user interface for the web version of TRONITY

We are happy to provide you an update on the migration to the new user interface of the web version of TRONITY.

As announced, we have been working on a new user interface for the TRONITY web version over the past weeks. In addition, we have also updated the database technology. Thanks to feedback from the first users, who have already been migrated to the new TRONITY environment via the related BETA program, we were able to make some further improvements. The TRONITY App as well as the TRONITY Platform have also already been migrated to the new system environment.

In the next step, all new registrations will be activated in the new TRONITY environment during the coming week. Following this, we will focus on the migration and transition of all existing user accounts and vehicle data to the new system environment.

Information: For existing TRONITY users no further steps are necessary at the moment. In the next newsletter, we will address this topic again and inform you about the status and next steps.

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