Enhancements in Charging Rates, Route Planning, and Android Widget

2 min readMar 10, 2024

Last week, not only did we release a new version of the TRONITY App, but we also made numerous corrections and improvements.

Here are some highlights:

Tesla Charging Rate Set as Default for Tesla Vehicles

To simplify access to charging rates, a specific Tesla charging rate will now be set by default for all Tesla vehicles, which can be directly selected when assigning charging sessions. This update will be activated next week, targeting particularly new registrations. In the future, we plan to further simplify the management of charging rates.

Route Planning with History of Past Destinations

After creating a route using the TRONITY route planning feature, destinations will be accessible in the history of past searches. This allows for quicker planning of recurring destinations.

Widget Optimization for Android Devices

Some Android devices experienced issues with the optimal display of the TRONITY widget. We have analyzed this problem and resolved it in the latest version of the widget.

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