Integration of Tibber (Dynamic Electricity Rate)

2 min readApr 7, 2024

We are excited to announce the integration of Tibber as a BETA version today. Effective immediately, the dynamic electricity rate offered by Tibber can be taken into account in the cost calculation and evaluation of your mobility in TRONITY.

The integration of Tibber is a significant extension for both private individuals and fleets. For fleets, in particular, this offers the advantage that the reimbursement of home charging sessions using dynamic electricity rates can now also be utilized as a corporate benefit.

Important: The integration of Tibber is currently in the BETA phase. The Tibber charging rate can currently only be set up via the TRONITY Web App. Please proceed as follows:

  • Create a new charging rate.
  • Select “Home / Company” as the category.
  • Enter your personal Tibber token in the token field.
  • Finally, save the charging rate.

You can obtain your personal Tibber token on the website: (select “Sign-In” and copy the token). | Learn more about the new TRONITY Fleet solution.




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