Help Shape TRONITY’s New Route Planning Feature!

2 min readNov 3, 2023

As mentioned in our previous newsletter, we are currently developing an integrated route planning feature within the TRONITY solution. Today, we’re excited to give you an initial glimpse of this new development and eagerly await your ideas and suggestions for the final implementation.

Integrated Route Planning Based on Vehicle Data

The upcoming route planning enhancement will be incorporated into the existing map view in the TRONITY App, as well as the TRONITY Web Version. This integration will allow not only for access to your vehicle’s current location but also for the planning of impending routes.

What sets TRONITY’s route planning apart is its capacity to factor in both real-time and historical data from your vehicle into the route calculation. This approach means that the calculation will consider not just the battery’s state of charge but also other variables such as consumption rates.

What Features Do You Consider Important in Route Planning?

Just like with the entire TRONITY solution, we want to shape the route planning feature around ideas and suggestions from our TRONITY Community. We invite you to enhance the following TRONITY Community post with your thoughts.

Whether it’s about different filter options or the specific data you’d like to see, we’re not setting any limits at this initial stage. We’ll subsequently assess what’s feasible and decide which features to include in the first version. When the initial version is ready, we will, as usual, commence a beta phase and invite users from the TRONITY Community to join the testing.

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