Heilbronn Slush’D and Opel & Peugeot Integration

We are happy to share some news from the Heilbronn Slush’D. There is also an optimization of the integration of vehicles from the manufacturer Opel and Peugeot.

Heilbronn Slush’D — WrapUp

We accepted the invitation of the Heilbronn Slush’D and presented TRONITY at the event last week. During the event, we engaged with a number of startups and discussed how an integration with their solutions and TRONITY can further support us as EV drivers. We are looking forward to many more conversations at the main Slush event in Helsinki this November.

Opel & Peugeot integration optimization

The vehicle manufacturer PSA has further optimized the integration of vehicles and puts the focus on securing the authentication for data communication. We very much welcome this development and have already made the necessary adjustments in the TRONITY App.

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