Extension of the iOS Widget | TRONITY App

We are happy to inform you that the TRONITY App update is now available in the Apple iOS & Android Store. We have also enhanced the iOS Widget of the TRONITY App.

TRONITY App & iOS Widget

Last week we announced the update of the TRONITY App. The main focus of the update is on the compatibility with the new TRONITY system environment, which we are migrating to step by step via the TRONITY BETA program. In addition, we have also completely reworked the iOS Widget. If several vehicles are managed via TRONITY, you can configure now a widget for each vehicle. The data is fetched every 15 minutes according to Apple’s guidelines and the Widget acts independent of the TRONITY App.

As announced, we will also work on a Widget for Android in the coming weeks and release it accordingly.

Learn more via http://www.tronity.io | Build TRONITY extensions via https://www.tronity.tech



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