Exciting Developments in TRONITY’s EV Route Planning | Beta Registration

1 min readNov 26, 2023

We want to start by expressing our gratitude to the TRONITY Community for your insightful feedback and the wealth of creative ideas on EV Route Planning. Your perspectives and those of the entire community are invaluable to us, helping not just in refining our route planning but also in continually enhancing TRONITY overall.

We’re excited to share that our EV route planning is advancing well, and we are on track for the launch of our first beta version. The initial release will focus on the essential elements of our route planning, integrating real-time & historical vehicle data.

Be Part of the Beta Phase: Your Participation Matters!

We value your involvement! Register now through this link to participate in our beta test. As soon as we are ready, we will gradually invite participants from the beta registration list. Be among the first to experience and shape the future of EV route planning!

What Makes Our EV Route Planning Stand Out?

Apart from considering current battery charge, consumption, and your vehicle’s historical data, we are dedicated to continuously adding features inspired by your suggestions.

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