Documents, Schedules & Fixed Costs in the TRONITY Glovebox — Manage Everything in One Place!

2 min readNov 19, 2023

In one of our previous newsletters, we introduced the Digital Glovebox in the TRONITY App — the central place for storing all important documents of your electric vehicle. Today, we’re excited to present some enhancements to the Digital Glovebox that will make managing your e-mobility even easier.

Keep Track of Appointments: Lease Duration, Tire Changes & General Inspections

In addition to vehicle papers, emergency instructions, and contact details for breakdowns and accidents, you can now also store important appointments in your Digital Glovebox. Never lose track of your vehicle’s lease duration, tire change schedules, or the next general inspection. This feature is especially useful for keeping an eye on recurring appointments and optimizing your vehicle management.

Overview of Fixed Costs and Receipts

Besides documentation, you can now also record fixed costs such as car insurance, purchase contracts, or other expenses. Each cost item can be supplemented with the corresponding receipt or document, ensuring you always have a complete overview of your expenses.

Ideal for Individuals, Self-Employed and Fleet Operators

This feature offers significant value not only to individuals and self-employed but is also ideal for fleet operators to keep all important fleet documents in one place for fleet participants.

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