Access to the vehicle’s data sheet via the TRONITY Platform

We are happy to inform you that we have extended the TRONITY Platform interfaces to include access to the vehicle’s data sheet.

Data platform for the development of TRONITY-based extensions

Right from the start, the TRONITY solution was designed not only to provide access and to analyze the own vehicle data, but also to be able to share the vehicle data with selected partners (the so-called TRONITY Partner Ecosystem). By sharing the own vehicle data, additional added values can be created, such as a more precise route planning or a discount on the vehicle insurance. These are so-called TRONITY-based extensions and integrations, which are always based on the well-known TRONITY solution.

As a community member of TRONITY you can not only share data via the TRONITY Single Sign-On Flow with the TRONITY Partner Ecosystem, but you can also use the TRONITY Platform free of charge to further integrate your own vehicle data into other applications, processes, and tools.

Now in addition to accessing the vehicle’s master data as well as charging sessions and trip details, the vehicle’s data sheet can also be accessed, analyzed and integrated via the TRONITY Platform.

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